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Neucrad Health Job Portal is specific for Bio-Pharma-Health sector – First in India

Neucrad Health India – a news media portal, is growing  fast and thousands of people including job seekers in Bio-Pharma-Health sector are following it daily. People are talking about us. This platform may be very resourceful for searching talents for your business entity. We are offering you free job posting for first six months. It will be very cost effective than other medium in future.

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Are you looking for an innovating online platform for advertisement of your health care service ?

Neucrad Health India portal has great potential to connect your audience and enrich your health care services. We offer differently but in a cost effective manner.

We are inviting sponsored advertisement about your business focusing on “Education” (Bio-Medical-Pharma courses), “Health care SPECIALTY services” (Hospitals, Clinic, Diagnostic center, Dialysis center, Personal chamber etc).

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Our Message

Neucrad Health News Media & Services is a new startup in healthcare sector. We are the pioneer news media solely focused on your health science. We are bringing awareness about factors and diseases. Currently English, Bengali and Hindi versions are available. Please change your language as your preference.

We are dedicated to enriching your knowledge addressing health concerns for our loving one. Most importantly, following you will learn but not limited to “Govt. policies & Schemes”, “Career pathways in health care sector”, “Featured doctors and health care service providers”, “Ongoing Clinical Trials”, “World health news”, “Breakthrough Biomedical discovery”, New products from Pharmaceutical companies”.

Our job board is specifically focused on job listings related to Bio-Pharma-health care industry that will be very beneficial to the job hunters.

For sustainability and continuing improvement of our news portal, we are looking for advertisement and sponsored advertisement. We may accept donation.

We are requesting you to provide your valuable feedback for enriching our mission and vision towards our community.


We are not providing any medication for you. We share health related news and knowledge based information for awareness and educational purpose only. Please consult your physicians for your health concerns.

N.B- Our research unit is developing several services for you. Stay tuned!! We will update you when applicable.

One of our sister organization is developing a platform to provide human assistance for your medical tour outside your state. We will update you when applicable. STAY TUNED!!

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