July 13, 2024

Neucrad Health Hub India LLP: Revolutionizing Healthcare Across India – Pitch Deck

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In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, innovation is the key to addressing the diverse needs of individuals. Neucrad Health Hub India (CIN – AAW 0444), co-founded by the visionary scientist Dr. Biswarup Ghosh, PhD, is a groundbreaking startup that brings a fresh approach to healthcare services. Driven by a passion for revolutionizing healthcare in India, Neucrad Health Hub India is poised to make a significant impact with its two-pronged strategy – the NC Health Hub app & web (PAN India model) and a local network of its outpatient services at West Bengal.

The Visionary Founders

At the heart of Neucrad Health Hub India LLP are two brothers, Dr. Biswarup Ghosh, PhD, a scientist based in the US, and his brother Anup Ghosh in West Bengal, India. Their shared vision is to bridge the gap in healthcare by combining cutting-edge technology with on-the-ground services with an octopus model of revenues. The duo’s commitment to making a difference in their community is the driving force behind Neucrad Health Hub.

Digital Health Services via NC Health Hub

Neucrad Health LLP has embraced the digital age with the launch of the NC Health Hub app and website, www.nchealthhub.com. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of services, with a focus on mental health, sexual health, and preventive healthcare. The user-friendly app connects individuals with healthcare professionals, providing a virtual space for consultations.

PAN India Model for Future

Neucrad Health LLP has a bold vision for the future – a PAN India model that integrates pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals with a minimal subscription fees. This interconnected network aims to streamline healthcare services, making them more accessible to people across the country. The founders envision a seamless healthcare experience, from digital consultations to in-person services. Physicians can enlist their in person chambers through app or web and digitalize their chamber booking services for patients. Neucrad offers physician an OTP enabled secure platform without any subscriptions. The physicians need to pay service fees for the online consultations only but with 15-20% reduced rate than any other PAN India platforms.

Outpatient Services at Rural Settings

Recognizing the need for quality healthcare in rural areas, Neucrad Health Hub India has taken concrete steps to establish outpatient centers locally but initially focused on Burdwan district, W.B, India. Beginning with their birthplace, the founders have set up a model outpatient center that includes a pathlab, dental clinic, optical clinic & store, doctor’s chamber, and a pharmacy. With seed funding (up to 2 millions), Neucrad Health Hub India LLP is committed to expanding this initiative to more than 20 outpatient centers in the Burdwan district at the first phase.

Central Outpatient Centers for High-End Services

Neucrad Health Hub is not only committed to serving rural areas but also aims to establish central outpatient centers with high-end services. These centers will feature state-of-the-art facilities, including pathology labs, imaging services, same-day surgery suites, chemo infusion centers, home health services, and preventive home monitoring through digital solutions. Initially, with seed funding (up to 2 millions), Neucrad would like to establish one such central outpatient center connecting the 20 outpatient centers at Burdwan district.

Health Services at rural setting have been compromised in terms of vales and authenticity. Neucrad Health’s mission is to add values and offer cost effective primary outpatient services. This is the model outpatient center at founder’s birthplace. The center has reached to its 100% break even today.

NCLenszone: Online Optical store and Lens Lab

In addition to healthcare, Neucrad Health Hub India LLP is venturing into the optical industry with NCLenszone. This online platform will offer a range of optical services, and the company plans to establish a lens lab at the central outpatient center to ensure quality and precision in eyewear products. In addition of providing optical services to the locals, our Basanti Benu program, sponsored by Debabrata Mitra Majumdar, an NRI, focuses on providing underprivileged students with free eye care services. This initiative includes free ophthalmologist consultations, complimentary frames, and lenses. Education is the foundation of a nation’s progress, and Neucrad Health Hub recognizes the role of clear vision in learning. By addressing visual impairments, we aim to eliminate barriers to education and help students reach their full potential.

Join Us in Revolutionizing Healthcare

Neucrad Health Hub India LLP invites investors, healthcare professionals, and enthusiasts to join us on this journey of revolutionizing healthcare in India. With a commitment to innovation, accessibility, and quality, Neucrad Health Hub is poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of millions.

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Together, let’s build a healthier and happier healthy nation.