June 24, 2024

About Us

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Who we are

“Neucrad Health Group” is comprised of individuals from biomedical scientist to doctors, engineers and several other professions. Our research unit is actively developing healthcare related apps and constantly thinking towards betterment of healthcare resources and opportunities through different ventures.

Our Approach

Lack of background scientific information pertaining to general public, often leads to poor decision making in seeking better health care, and leads to poorer treatment options. Our news portal aims to bridge this knowledge gap.

Our vision is to create awareness about the different factors associated with complex diseases which are affecting our health. We aim to provide relevant background scientific information regarding complex diseases and availability of current treatment options.

Our mission is to provide you information regarding current advancement of technologies in health care, treatment options, Government policies and initiatives, specialty doctors, health service providers, jobs in health care, medical education, etc.



Next Steps...

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