May 26, 2024

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Call for Articles for news portal

Dear members of scientific community,

We cordially invite you to write articles and publish your article in our health news portal. You may choose from any of the following topics (keeping in mind that your audience comprises of general audience as well as people with science/research background):

  1. Scientific insights on human diseases (e.g. chronic, degenerative, rare diseases, cancer etc) and its impact towards our society.
  2. Microbial resistance and its impact on health issues
  3. Clinical trials and our society: importance, current practice, regulation, informed consent, ongoing trials
  4. Your breakthrough research or recent advancement of research in biomedical science addressing human diseases.
  5. Awareness or preventive healthcare
  6. Environment, toxicity and health
  7. Food habits, life style and health
  8. Career pathways in the biomedical-health care sectors …etc…

General guidelines for writing articles:

  1. Total length of article can be between 1-4 pages in MS word.
  2. Font style should ne “TimesNewRoman” and font size should be “12”.
  3. You can include pictures (as long as you refer the source properly), or else you can add your own drawings/flowchart relevant to the topic.
  4. The article should be aimed at increasing the scientific understanding and reducing the knowledge gap for general audiences. But one can also include scientific data/results, alongside.
  5. Please refer relevant sources, from where you have collected the materials or got the idea about the topic.
  6. Please provide your background info (Name, Address, Email Id, Age, Sex M/F, Educational qualification and Institute name) and a copy of your profile picture.
  7. Selected articles will be featured along with the profile picture of the writer(s), every month, in our news portal; which will greatly help you increase your visibility among members of scientific community.


Please submit your article by email: [email protected]

With regards,

Dr. Subha N Sarcar


Subha N Sarcar, PhD

Chief editor

Invited Articles Wing

Neucrad Health



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