May 26, 2024

Neucrad Health’s Vision: A Brighter Future through Optical Services

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Biswarup Ghosh, PhD; Co-Founder at Neucrad Health Hub India LLP, Burdwan, W.B, India

Neucrad Health, an innovative healthcare organization, is stepping up to launch cost effective routine eye care services at founders’ birth place in a rural setting. This initiative not only includes setting up routine eye care centers in rural areas but also an online optical lens zone, making quality eye care accessible to all. In addition, at the heart of this endeavor lies the “Basanti – Benu Students Support Program,” a heartwarming initiative to offer free eye checkups, optical frames, and lenses to impoverished students, ensuring that their vision is not a barrier to their education.

Rural Eye Care Centers

One of the pillars of this initiative is the establishment of routine eye care centers in rural settings. These centers will serve as hubs for eye examinations, consultations with ophthalmologists, and access to prescription eyewear. By locating these centers in rural areas, Neucrad Health is addressing the longstanding issue of local accessibility, ensuring that even those living in remote regions have easy access to eye care services.

Online Optical Lens Zone

Recognizing the need for flexibility and convenience, Neucrad Health is also launching an online optical lens zone. This platform will allow individuals from all over India to order prescription lenses and eyewear online, further increasing the accessibility of quality vision care. Whether you reside in a metropolitan area or a remote village, you can now access the optical services you need.

The Basanti – Benu Students Support Program

At Neucrad Health, the commitment to giving back to society is ingrained in its character. At the heart of this initiative is the “Basanti – Benu Students Support Program.” Named in memory of the parents of Debobrota DuttaMajumdar, a Philadelphia-based NRI, this program is a testament to the deep commitment of the Neucrad Health team to empower the community’s impoverished students.

The program offers free eye checkups conducted by ophthalmologists, ensuring that students receive proper diagnoses and recommendations. In addition, it provides free optical frames and lenses to those in need. For impoverished students struggling to read in class, this program is a game-changer. It ensures that their vision is not a barrier to their education, opening doors to a brighter future.

The “Basanti – Benu Students Support Program” epitomizes the organization’s dedication to giving back to society and creating a brighter future for the less privileged students. With this visionary initiative, Neucrad Health is illuminating the path to a world where quality healthcare knows no boundaries. Neucrad Health is going to establish its nonprofit unit in future to facilitate similar sponsored programs from individuals.

Debobrota DuttaMajumdar, a Philadelphia-based NRI