A Rare Disease Treated at Burdwan Medical College, West Bengal, India

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By Neucrad Health News Desk November 26, 2019

In a heartening incident, physicians and other members of the medical team at Burdwan Medical College successfully operated a patient suffering from a rare disease. Rafiqul Islam, a twenty-three years patient, was experiencing an unusual medical condition since the last fifteen years. When he was eight years old, he noticed that rice and other food particles getting excreted through urine. Along with this, he also experienced severe pain while passing urine. The condition made him frightened, and his parents tried to consult with local physicians to get respite from this condition. However, they could not offer much help to Rafiqul. Most of them thought that Rafiqul was suffering from some mental depression and making irrelevant stories about his condition. Finally, his friends and relatives brought him to the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, where the surgeons successfully operated on him.

According to the sources at Burdwan Medical College, attendants of Rafiqul Islam admitted him to the medical institution on the 19th of October 2019. After detailed investigations and physical examinations, doctors confirmed that he was experiencing an infrequent phenomenon within his body. He was suffering from Duodeno-Ureteral Fistula- a condition where the ureter gets accidentally connected with the duodenum. Due to this unusual phenomenon, he was passing out particles of food through the urine. It was the first incidence of this disease not only in West Bengal but in the entire country. Throughout the world, Rafiqul’s case was the eleventh detected condition of Duodeno-Ureteral Fistula.

Distinguished surgeon of Burdwan Medical College and Hospital, Dr Narendranath Mukherjee took charge of Rafiqul’s condition. After a detailed study, he and his medical team decided to operate on him, putting an end to his crisis immediately. They formed a 10-member medical board, keeping in mind the rarity and severity of Rafiqul’s disease. After a two-hour-long surgery, surgeons were finally able to rectify Rafiqul’s Duodeno-Ureteral Fistula. Along with Dr Narendranath Mukherjee, Dr Madhusudan Chatterjee, and Dr Jyortirmoy Bhattercharya also helped in conducting the operation. The medical team her termed the surgery to be successful. They are expecting that soon Rafiqul will enjoy a healthy life just like his other friends.

Predicted cause of Rafiqul’s Ureter Fistula

Since his childhood, Rafiqul used to observe large worms passing out through his faeces and urine. Doctors speculated that these parasites have perforated Rafiqul’s duodenum and reached his ureter. The hole created by them has steadily increased its size over the years and transformed into a fistula. The CT Urography examination revealed that there is a fistula between the lower portion of the stomach and the ureter. It confirmed that Rafiqul was not suffering from any mental condition, or making up any stories regarding his excretory and urinary system. Surgeons at Burdwan Medical College and Hospital were elated after the successful conduction of the surgery as it is a very rare condition and the first incidence of the disease in India.

What is Urinary Fistula?

Urinary fistula is a medical condition when an abnormal opening develops in the urinary system, including the ureter, bladder, and urethra. Sometimes, this opening can also form an unusual connection between a nearby organ. In most cases, these fistulas remain restricted to the lower urinary tract organs like vesicovaginal fistula (the connection between the vagina and the bladder), enterovesical fistula (the connection between the bladder and bowel), and urethrovaginal fistula (the connection between the vagina and the urethra). Rafiqul’s case was entirely different because here the fistula developed between an organ of the urinary system with an organ of the digestive system.

This was all about the successful operation and treatment of Duodeno-Ureteral Fistula in Rafiqul Islam at the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital.

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