Neucrad Health Hub India is committed to disrupting the healthcare service delivery, improving accessibility, and adding value to patients and healthcare providers

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Neucrad Health Hub India, June 23, 2023

Neucrad Health Hub is a revolutionary healthcare platform that aims to transform the way individuals access and experience healthcare services. By leveraging technology, innovation, and strategic partnerships, Neucrad Health Hub is committed to disrupting the healthcare delivery, improving accessibility, and delivering exceptional value to patients and healthcare providers alike.

The founder of Neucrad Health, Dr. Biswarup Ghosh, had a vision deeply rooted in his personal experiences and a strong desire to make a positive impact on healthcare accessibility in rural areas. Growing up in a small village in Bengal, he witnessed firsthand the challenges and limitations faced by his community when it came to accessing quality healthcare services. Driven by a determination to bridge the gap between urban and rural healthcare, Dr. Ghosh embarked on a journey to bring about transformative change. Inspired by the emerging field of telemedicine and its potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery, Dr. Ghosh founded Neucrad Health.

Dr. Ghosh, a highly accomplished individual with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, had always felt a deep sense of responsibility towards his homeland, Bengal. While pursuing his career in the U.S., he closely observed the advancements in healthcare technology and the transformative potential of telemedicine.

Neucrad Health’s journey began by establishing a telemedicine platform, which enabled patients in rural areas to connect with doctors remotely. This breakthrough technology allowed people to receive expert medical advice and consultations without the need to travel long distances or bear the financial burden of transportation.

However, Dr. Ghosh believed that telemedicine alone was not enough. He recognized the importance of physical infrastructure and in-person services to address the comprehensive healthcare needs of rural populations. Determined to create a holistic healthcare solution, he decided to expand Neucrad Health’s reach by opening an outpatient clinic in his own birthplace.

With a clear vision in mind, the outpatient clinic offers a wide range of services tailored to the specific needs of the community. Alongside telemedicine consultations, Neucrad Health provided pathology services, dental care, optical services, and a pharmacy—all under one roof. By consolidating these services, the organization aimed to streamline the healthcare process and minimize the challenges faced by rural patients.

In addition to the comprehensive services, Neucrad Health also actively engaged in community outreach and awareness campaigns. One notable initiative was the free diabetes testing program, where individuals received a diabetes monitoring card upon their visit to Neucrad Pathlab. This initiative aimed to promote early detection and management of diabetes while raising awareness about the importance of regular health check-ups. Introducing a different model that eliminates intermediaries in sample collection and offers low-cost effective services is commendable.

Through their telemedicine platform, outpatient clinic, and community-focused initiatives, Neucrad Health has become a beacon of hope, bringing quality healthcare within reach of those who need it the most. Driven by their founder’s personal experiences and a deep-rooted passion for improving healthcare access, Neucrad Health is becoming a model of rural healthcare in Bengal and beyond.

Despite the geographical distance, Dr. Ghosh actively contributed his expertise and spared no effort in establishing Neucrad Health. Drawing upon his extensive knowledge in healthcare administration and technology, he played a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s strategic direction, operational framework, and sustainable business model.

Today, Neucrad Health stands as a testament to the power of dedication, vision, and collaboration. Driven by the passion of its founder, Dr. Biswarup Ghosh, Neucrad Health continues to evolve, expand, and make a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals who would otherwise struggle to access quality healthcare services. Neucrad Health will look for seed funding in upcoming years.

Despite being physically distant, Dr. Ghosh’s unwavering dedication to Neucrad Health exemplifies the profound impact that individuals can make when they harness their expertise, passion, and spare time to address critical societal needs.

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