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Robotic Surgeries: A New Year Gift From Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi

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News desk, Jan 2, 2019

With New Year come new beginnings, new hopes, and aspiration to live. The improving medical technology always brings smile to the sufferers as well as the doctors. Robotic technologies in surgeries are quite well known now days. Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi, India’s first Government Hospital is prepared to perform robotic surgeries at Department of Urology from this January on wards.

Robotic surgery is modified version of conventional methods of surgery. In conventional method the doctors need to cut the muscles to access the internal parts to be operated on whereas in robotic technology three small holes to be made for the procedure. Through one hole a camera is put inside the body for visualizing the 3-D structure of the internal organ and through the other two holes are inserted the required instruments by the robotic arms to conduct the operation. The whole system is connected to a 3-D computerized screen which is the command center of the system. The instructions given by the surgeons on the screen command the robotic arms and thus the operation goes on. Dr. Anup Kumar, the Doctor and Professor of Urology Department of Safdarjung Hospital, said that this technology will reduce the risk of error and will minimize the time period required previously. Not only that the number of performing surgeries will ascend automatically. Formerly the hospital used 3-D laparoscopy technique for urology surgeries.

The robotic surgeries in private hospitals cost an expense of 4-5 lakh rupees. For patients belonging to below poverty category or mediocre, this was unaffordable. Such startup treatment in free of cost in government hospital like Safdarung Hospital is definitely a New Year gift for mediocre.

(Source : MedIndia)