Top 5 Precautionary Measures during COVID-19 pandemic

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Neucrad Health India News Desk April 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently in Stage-2 or Stage-3 in most countries. It is high time for citizens of all nations to become alert about the outbreak and arrest its spread. Otherwise, the healthcare facilities will become highly strained, and there will be no space to admit new patients. Even ventilation and ICU support will be available to a limited number of critical victims in future. The Government of India has announced a 21-days lock down on March 24, 2020, to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Government of India is now discussing whether the lock down will be continued. Health experts have advised people to practise hygiene and sanitation to the highest standard to stay safe from SARS-CoV-2 virus. Here is a list of precautionary measures which you can practise in your house.

1.   Compulsory Home Isolation for Travellers

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If any of your family members have returned from a foreign country or a different state in India, advise him to practise home isolation for fourteen days compulsorily. It is because in most cases, the symptoms of the disease become noticeable within two to fourteen days of coming in contact with the novel coronavirus. Dedicate a separate room and washroom for him, and do not allow older family member above 60 years to enter that room.  You should also maintain separate utensils for him, and refrain other family members from coming in contact with his clothes or personal items. Check his body temperature daily, and be cautious about the appearance of other symptoms like dry cough, throat ache, and breathing difficulties.

2.   Cleaning the House

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Pay utmost attention to cleanliness and hygiene in the house during the lockdown period. Sanitise all frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, electric switches, TV and AC remote controls, and table surfaces with an alcohol-based cleaner or soap water. You can also make a cleaning solution with four teaspoons of bleaching powder in a litre of water. Pay special attention in cleaning your phone, as SARS-CoV-2 virus can thrive on plastic surfaces for two to three days. Use an alcohol-based cleaner to clean the screen and keypad.

3.   Order for Grocery Online

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Try to avoid stepping out of the house as much as possible during the lockdown period. You may take the help of online shopping portals for buying vegetables and groceries. Making payment through electronic gateways will help you enable touchless delivery of products. After you receive the order, sanitise milk and grocery packs with soap water to kill the virus.  If online delivery is not available in your city, then venture out of the house only once a week. Note down the items you require in a particular week so that you can plan your shopping accordingly.

4.   Washing Hands from Time to Time

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Health experts have always advised the general public to wash their hands several times in a day to stay safe from the virus. You can use any soap for washing hands. The virus is made up of a nucleic acid genome, protein encasing, and an outer lipid layer. However, the connection between the RNA, proteins, and lipid is feeble and based on weak non-covalent bonds. Washing hands with soap for twenty seconds dissolves the lipid layer of the virus and kills them within a few minutes. If you are outside the house, then you can also use an alcohol-based sanitiser to clean your hands after every few hours. Do not touch your mouth or nose before washing hands.

5.   Social Distancing

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Maintain at least six feet distance between other people whenever you step out of the house for essential activities. It is better to wear an N-95 mask while leaving the house. If they are unavailable, you can use a surgical mask or three-ply cloth for protecting your mouth and nose from droplets. If you notice anyone having fever, dry cough, and breathing difficulties, immediately inform a health worker for further screening. After returning to the house, wash your hands quickly and place your clothes under direct sunlight.

These were some of the protective measures against COVID-19 pandemic. Try to follow these guidelines and be safe from the outbreak.

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