Recent Rape Incidents in India and their Consequences on Women

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By Neucrad health News Desk December 8, 2019

Nowadays, almost every week we get to know about fresh reports on rape and torture on women through newspapers and TV channels. The assailants do not even spare small children or aged ladies. What is more worrying is the fact that several of these incidents do not get recorded in the newspapers, and many women even feel scared of reporting their trauma to police stations. In 2017, there were approximate 32,500 rape cases registered across various police stations throughout the country. It comes to about 90 incidents of torture on women every single day. The Indian Judicial system could only provide judgement in 18,300 cases, leaving around 127,800 cases pending in the same year. Along with the physical trauma associated with rape, women have to go through mental frustrations which often leads to depression in future.

Recent Rape Cases that Shook the Nation

In the last few years, there were numerous gory incidents of rape throughout the country. These cases shook the entire nation, and people almost lost trust in humanity.

Dr. Priyanka Reddy case

Dr. Priyanka Reddy was a 27-year-old veterinary doctor from Shamshabad area in Hyderabad. On 27th November 2019, after completing her work at a private hospital at Gachibowli at around 9 pm, she found her scooter parked near the Tondupall toll plaza developed a flat tyre. Few strangers on the pretext of helping her lured her into a trap and brutally raped and murdered her. They also burnt her body and disposed it near an underpass near Shadnagar.

Kathua rape case

On 10th, January 2018, a small 8-year old nomadic kid Asifa Bano was raped and murdered near the Kathua village in Jammu. The little child was allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped in captivity at a village temple. The accused kept her in a sedated state for four days before killing her. A week after she disappeared from her house, her mutilated body was found in a deep forest near the village.

Nirbhaya rape case

On 16th December 2012, a 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern named Jyoti Singh (Nirbhaya) was returning home with her friend after watching a film in a South Delhi neighbourhood. They hopped on to a private bus, where the driver and cleaners assaulted, raped, and brutally injured Nirbhaya. They also caused severe injuries to her friend. On 29th December, Nirbhaya succumbed to brain damage, pneumonia, and abdominal infection at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

What are the consequences of these brutal acts on women?

Rape causes permanent damages to the mental and physical health of women. Though physical injuries can heal with timely medical intervention, victims often find it challenging dealing with psychological trauma. In many cases, these assaults on women can lead to unwanted pregnancies which further results in emotional turmoil. Doctors and family members may advise them to abort the child at the earliest possible time, which is again psychologically as well as physically a troubling episode for the sufferer. But, an ethical question appears, whether abortion is legal or nonlegal. There are even reports of women committing suicide when they are unable to cope up with the physical and mental trauma associated with the rape.

What can we do to prevent any future incidents of rape?

It is a pity that even in the 21st century, society is incapable of protecting the modesty of women. What is more horrifying, is the fact that many moral polices and sick personalities try to justify the heinous crimes of rape and murder with the conduct of women. Today’s society requires moral teachings and physical training of both girls and boys from a young age. Teachers and guardians should train and educate girls about the necessity to retaliate when they face assaults from men. Moreover, The Indian Judicial System should come up with fast track court proceedings and dictate severe punishments to offenders so that others may not think of committing such crimes.

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