IIT Hyderabad Student Commits Suicide after Failing to Get a Job

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Neucrad Health India News Desk July 6, 2019

In another heart-wrenching incident, a 20-year old final year master degree student of IIT Hyderabad committed suicide as he could not cope up with the academic pressure on 02 July 2019. The deceased, Mark Andrew Charles hailed from Naria Lanka area in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh and was pursuing his Master in Designing at the premier institute. He left behind an eight-page long suicide note where he cited failure to score good grades and inability to get placed in a company during the campus placement opportunity as the immediate reasons behind his drastic step. Mark went to his room on Monday (01 July 2019) night but did not show up the next day. His friends at that juncture decided to break open the room on Tuesday (02 July 2019) when they found him hanging. Depression may be a probable cause for this sad news.

During last February, another third-year mechanical and aerospace engineering student Anirudhya Mummanen also lost his life by jumping off the seven-story hostel building. Anirudhya also mentioned in his suicide note that he was unable to bear with the excess stress which IIT students undergo daily to cope up with academic expectations. These two consecutive suicides at this elite institute in close succession have put a question mark on the type of educational atmosphere thriving at the campus.  

In academic setting, depression is now flooded among young minds. Recently we addressed another case of suicide of a teen-aged student at Kolkata.

How to fight Depression due to Academic Failure?

Students in India need to qualify a series of examination and face cut-throat competition before gaining admission at the premier Educational Institutes. In many cases, they enrol at reputed preparational coaching classes involving huge, course fees in a bid of achieving high ranks at these examinations. After passing through all these gateways if they fail to create a mark academically then at times, depression can set in. Here are some measures which would help you stay calm and composed at the campus and keep mental distress at bay. We are discussing couple steps of preventing depression at educational campuses and leading a healthy life.

Strengthen your Social Connection

After enrolling at a college for your undergraduate or post-graduate studies, always try to mingle with classmates and develop a healthy group for interaction. It is especially true if you decide to stay at a hostel for studies. In this way, you would always find company among friends and spend time in positive thinking. There would be a limited scope of negativity brewing in your mind. Moreover, studying in a group would help you cope up if you are lagging in any subject.

Develop a Hobby

It is essential to spend free time in constructive ideas. One of the best ways of achieving it is by developing a hobby like photography, painting, playing an instrument, singing, or any other form of fine arts. Most educational institutions have clubs for different hobbies and interests. Being an active member of these groups help you to remain occupied during free hours. Moreover, exploring these skills help you to attain recognition in college.

Never feel Shy in Seeking Professional Counselling

In most cases, anxiety and depression can get completely cured if patients seek professional counselling from a Psychotherapist. They design customised treatment plans after hearing your tensions and agonies. In some cases, they may also prescribe medication to take care of your problem. Seeking timely help treats the root cause of depression and prevent many unfortunate incidents.

Exercise Daily

Spend at least half an hour in a day working out or performing stress relieving exercises like yoga or meditation. They help you to regain your concentration in studies and keep negative feelings at bay. Most colleges have a gym and meditation centre for the recreation of students. Make it a habit of utilising these resources regularly so that you have a healthy mind and body.