How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Even if You Are Still Single

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Neucrad Health News Desk February 13, 2020

Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner; most of you must be busy planning exciting events to make the day even more special for you and your partner. However, if you are single or have recently experienced a break-up, there is nothing to be depressed. Do not feel lonely just because your friends are spending the day with their loved ones. If you go by statistics, there and thousands of individuals with single status and they are as happy in life as the couples. Moreover, there are numerous ways to make  Valentine’s Day enjoyable, even if you are single. Have a look at the seven excellent ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day for singles.

1.   Go Out Shopping

Experts say shopping is an excellent way to relieve stress and depression. This exciting way of freshening your mind is known as ‘Retail Therapy’. The University of Michigan researchers established that shopping for a few items was 40 times more effective in relieving your sadness than mere browsing to various websites. It helps to reduce your blood pressure and improve cardiac health. However, it is important to make a list of essential items which you require to purchase shortly. Otherwise, the shopping experience will just be a money-spending drive.

2.   Unplug from Social Media

Another effective way of reducing your stress and loneliness on Valentine’s Day is through complete abstinence from social networking, including browsing through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Updates in these profiles often turn people gloomy thanks to countless posts from friends and their partners about their Valentine’s Day celebration. It is better to take a day off from these sites and devote your mind to other healthy activities like reading, cooking, or gardening.

3.   Go for a Long Drive

A long drive in the countryside can be another excellent approach to detoxifying your mind. The picturesque sight of greenery and paddy fields can serve to become your partner during the entire journey. You may also indulge on a day-trip to a nearby tourist destination for a refreshing experience in the lap of Mother Nature. The entire day will breeze away, exploring new sites and meeting new people.

4.   Enjoying in the House

If you wish to enjoy some ‘me time’ in solidarity only with yourself, then take a day off and relax in the house. Watch some thrilling movies, cook your favourite delicacies for a memorable gastronomic experience, rear some best-selling stories, or spend time in beautifying your garden. These hobbies will keep you busy for the entire day.

5.   Spend time in Social Work

Remaining engaged in social activities is not only an excellent means of spending a day but also a gratifying experience. You may volunteer for groups organising events among old-aged people, specially-abled children, economically weak kids, or pets according to your likings. Bringing smile to these people will offer you a delightful escapade.

6.   Meet Close Friends

It’s true that when we are in the company of close friends, it is challenging to keep track of time. Schedule a meet-up with college buddies or childhood friends and plan those activities which you used to enjoy most during the old days. Go to your favourite restaurant to savour mouth-watering delicacies or watch some movies together.

7.   Create some Craft Work

If you have an interest in paintings or craftwork, then dedicate a day to these activities. It will help you create a stunning showpiece for your living area. These days you also get numerous craft activities at supermarkets like glass painting, beadworks, and shell crafts.

These were seven exciting ways of spending Valentine’s Day even if you are single. Finally, remember that getting immersed in depression is not a solution to your loneliness. It is better to spend the day in some positive activities.

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